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Brijesh Dattaji & Co. is a CA firm established in 1983. With its Head office in Pune, it provides services in the areas of audit and assurance, accounting and taxation domain.

Tailored with underlying philosophy of value addition, Brijesh Dattaji & Co. (BDC) is a perfect blend of experience and quality with innovation as a catalyst in every task execution.

Through empanelment in various Government organizations and with a vast experience of over 30 years in variegated fields of commerce, BDC is pictured as one of the distinguished firms in its domain of service.


With the result oriented and the ambitious virtues our vision is to create value for each and every client we serve and excel in all domains so that we can keep the status of a Complete business solution provider.

Here's how we picture ourselves a few years down the line.

We picture ourselves as a complete business solution provider helping the clients to aspire and unlock their hidden potential and achieve dynamic growth and a distinction in the field of their operation.

Creation is easy, Distruction is easier what is difficult is maintainence!

Like wise in todays' business environment of cut throat competition, characterized by the intricate maze of regulatory and mandatory norms, all a business needs a paradigm shift from the generally followed conventional approach to the one which helps to add the maximum value to its stakeholders. And thats what we are here for!


Mr.Dattaji Kale (Founder Member)
FCA, B.Com (Hons)
(M) +91 94225 17877
(E) dattajikale@bdcca.com

Ms.Sharmistha Chiplunkar
FCA, B.Com
(M) + 91 91588 85175
(E) ca.sharmisthachiplunkar@bdcca.com

Mrs.Rutuja Ghatnekar
ACA, M.Com
(M) +91 96737 08281
(E) ca.rutujaghatnekar@bdcca.com

Mr.Ajit Dhamane
ACA, B.Com
(M) +91 7588 693673
(E) ca.ajitdhamane@bdcca.com

Mr.Brijesh Kumar
FCA, B.Com (Hons)
(M) +91 94204 82516
(E) office@bdcca.com

Mr.Ravindra Shinde
FCA, DISA, B.Com (Hons)
(M) + 91 94204 82516
(E) office@bdcca.com

Mr.Jaysing Thorat
FCA, B.Com (Hons)
(M) +91 94204 82516
(E) office@bdcca.com