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Advisory Services
Our wide range of expert advisory services help you to take more informed decision by critically examining the facts to extract optimal solution.
Audit & Assurance
Our value additive audit approach rather than conventional approach helps you to locate the gray areas in timely manner.
Keeping intact the traditional & conventional touch, we provide complete solution for your business processes.
Our professional team will keep you aware about statutory compliances so that you can run you business smoothly
Govt. Subsidies
We provide specialized services for obtaining capital & other subsidies to contribute & boost business.
Our professional team helps you to unload your tax burden by unique integration of practical approach & legal provisions

Auditing and Assurance Services

Our audit and assurance professionals provide wide range of audit services to all classes of clients, irrespective of their nature of business & industry. The process of integration of wide range of experienced knowledge with business events and facts helps you to locate the gray areas in timely manner which may turn out as an obstacle or even as a disaster. Our audit services are more than conventional or traditional services which aim at providing you with a value addition rather than an audit from compliance prospective.

Our audit and assurance services includes audit assignments such as –

  • Statutory Audits
    Statutory audit includes audit under various statutes such as Companies Act 1956, Banking Regulation Act, 1949, Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960, Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 etc. of public as well as private entities.

  • Tax Audits
    Audits covered under the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

  • Vat Audits
    Audits covered under the provisions of Maharashtra Value Added Tax, 2002.

  • System Audits
    We explore the existing system of banks and large entities and provide them with refined or improved system trail or process for effective utilisation of resources.

  • Risk Based Internal Audits / Concurrent Audit
    We provide audit services to various entities of all size of organizations to strengthen internal control procedures/ checks.

  • Management Audit
    Our management audit service acts as effective tool for all the stakeholders of entity to ensure timely compliance with statutes and safeguarding of entity’s financial as well as other interests.

  • Other Financial Auditsin area of Stock Audits, Operational Audits, Department Reviews, Investigation Audit, Cost Optimisation Audits & Compliance Reviews etc.

Taxation services

    Brijesh Dattaji & Co. offers efficient & optimal tax advisory & compliance services to various Indian Corporate entities, High Net worth individuals, NGOs and other non-corporate entities too. With continuous widening scope of taxation, with development of stringent provisions in various statutes, for entrepreneur it is now a days equally important to have a close eye on tax compliance & tax regulatory aspects. Our professional team does the same, with comprehensive approach, subject matter specialization, Integrated knowledge base.


    Our services under this domain includes tax advisory services in the area of Income Tax Act as well as Wealth Tax Act. Having wide spread scope of our services such as -

    • Structuring Tax Efficient Contracts, transactions.
    • Domestic as well as Abroad Investment Planning & Strategies.
    • Business Tax Planning
    • Periodic Review of Income & Wealth generation to comply with regulations promptly.
    • Compliance services which includes -
      • Filing of various returns
      • Obtaining various registrations & licenses
      • Appearing before Revenue Authorities for various matters.
    • Litigation support - Our team provides efficient litigation support for favorable rulings.


    Another major area of direct tax is international taxation. We provide distinguished services in area of Transfer Pricing, multijurisdictional tax transactions, cross border taxation, thereby achieving optimized globally effective rate of tax.


    Our services under this domain includes tax advisory services in the area of Central level taxes such as Excise Duty, Customs Duty, Service Tax as well as state level taxes such as Value added taxes, local body taxes. Having wide spread scope of our services such as -

  • Obtaining registrations & licenses.
  • Filing periodical returns.
  • Conducting audits under these statutes.
  • Appearing before revenue authorities for various matters.
  • Obtaining duty drawbacks, rebates etc.
  • Filing various claims for refunds.
  • Litigation support - Our team provides efficient litigation support for favorable rulings.


    Our team aims at providing our client with best optimal, customized solution which is cost effective, secure and hassle free & less litigation prone. With pooling of knowledge base and hands on experience in advising & assisting various taxation matters our team continuously aims to unload your tax burden and maximizing your business interests.

Advisory Services

Managing the Finances is of a crucial importance. Our professional team keeps an eye on the prevailing phenomena and guides the clients with the best optimal solutions.

Our wide range of financial services includes Financial Projections, forecasting and analysis for existing as well as newly set-up business entities to facilitate funding from financial institutions and various funding agencies.

Our key financial advisory services include –

  • Cash flow & Fund Flow Statements
  • Cost of Project & Means of Finance
  • Assessment of Working Capital requirements
  • Preparation of Cost Statements
  • Financial Charge Statements
  • Ratio & Break Even analysis
  • Comparative analysis statement for existing business
  • Capital Structuring and Restructuring
  • Due Diligence Analysis

System Implementation –

Effectiveness is a key factor for the success of an oraganisation but the equivalent importance lies in efficiency as well. We focus on application of ideas and plans rather than just putting them on paper.Weprovides a single point of accountability to ensure increased profits, whether operating locally, regionally, or globally

We, here at BDC, aim at providing well tested & standardise system on variety of financial and operational aspects; which help our client to strike off the prevailing complexities.

Our system implementation services includes –

  • Accounting System Implementation
  • Budget Implementation & Variance Analysis
  • Inventory Control System Implementation

We aim at conceptualizing and planning programs with developmental Partners. Liaising with project partners and monitoring the progress of projects.Maintenance of Data Management System and Project Management Systems.Planning and implementation of programs,

Compliance Services

Our corporate compliance team provides our corporate client with best optimal solution for various statutory compliances with regard to company law matters. Our experienced professional team through its long lasting experience, provides various services in this regard, such as –

  • Incorporating a New Company (Including Section 25 Company), LLPs.
  • Drafting of Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Prospectus etc.
  • Drafting of Joint Venture Agreements, LLP Agreements, Trust Deeds & other legal agreements.
  • Conversion of Private Limited companies into LLP & Vice-versa.
  • Conversion of Partnership into Private Limited Companies.
  • Conducting Due Diligence for Amalgamation, Absorption, Acquisition & Mergers etc.
  • Corporate Finance advisory services in regard of Equity & Debt.
  • Advisory service with regard to issue of prospectus, bonus issue, right issue, allotment of shares as well as business valuation.
  • Secretarial Services which include –
    • Maintenance of Various Statutory Registers& Records.
    • Filing of Various e-forms with ROC.
    • Obtaining various approvals from CLB & Registrars.
    • Drafting various resolutions.


General Accounting & Book Keeping –

Keeping intact the traditional & conventional touch, we provide complete book keeping & accounting services to business enterprises keeping in mind applicable financial reporting framework such as Indian Accounting Standards issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Income Tax Act as well as Companies Act,1956 etc.

We offer retainer ship services of accounts department as whole as well as activity specific retainer ship such as tax compliance retainer ship, accounts retainer ship etc. Apart from above we alos provide weekly, Fortnightly or monthly accounting including reporting services. Wide range of services starts from Data Entry of daily business transactions and expands its scope to –

  • Trade Receivable & Payable Management
  • Ageing Analysis & Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Inventory Management
  • Scrutiny of Ledgers & other analytical procedures

Payroll Processing –

We provide best possible services under one roof and complete business solutions to a business enterprise; one of the most important aspects is payroll processing of entity. We ensure timely compliance of applicable regulations, time & cost reductions up to 30-40% through our standardised & automated procedures.

  • Processing of monthly salary
  • Withholding Tax Compliance
  • Provident Fund, ESI and Gratuity related legal compliances
  • Employee Benefit Structuring
  • Advisory services in payroll processing

Government Subsidies

    According to Principle of Balanced Economic Growth State as well as Central Government has been continuously encouraging set up of new units in lesser developed areas; which would in turn create employment generation, infrastructural development of lesser developed areas as well as boosting the economic growth.

    In order to encourage the spreading of industries to lesser developed areas of the state, the government has been introducing “Bouquet of Benefits” in the form of Package schemes of incentives to New Industrial Units /Expansion units set up in the developing regions of the state since 1964 under a various schemes of central as well as state government.

    Various benefits earned by eligible entrepreneurs are in the form of-
  • Interest Subsidy
  • Subsidy by way of exemption from State Value added taxes in various forms
  • Subsidy for investment in capital equipment
  • Exemption from duties like Electricity duty
  • Waiver of stamp duty
  • Power tariff subsidy

  • Looking at the prosperous opportunities available, we believe that true entrepreneur should not be deprived of the benefit otherwise available to him due to lack of information available.

    Our team makes you understand the policies, assesses its Techno-Economic Viability and Financial feasibility. By continuous value additive process we aim at maximizing the outside contribution and fiscal benefits, behind entrepreneurs own capital contribution.